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Safety & Complaints Policy


We have a dedicated decontamination room where we are extremely safety conscious and exercise rigorous disinfection and sterilisation procedures.

All dental equipment is cleaned and sterilised through autoclave.

All staff undergo basic first aid and life support training to enable us to deal with an emergency should one arise. We hold emergency kits, oxygen, defibrillator as well as various life support drugs.

We meet the highest standards through your patient journey from meeting reception team to completing your Dental Treatment. We are constantly improving on our care, training, and equipment to ensure we can deliver the best Dental Health Care to you and you family.

Sometimes mistakes can happen, or treatment doesn’t go as planned. If you are in any way unhappy with the service you have received and wish to make a comment or complaint you are free to do so.

Complaint Policy

Our complaints head is Mr Andrew McGregor please call or write to the practice.

We will send you acknowledgment within 3 days, and aim to deal with your concern in 10 working days.

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